"D" Porta Bohemica
* 13.06.2017
7 males + 1 female

s. Ch. Baileys Porta Bohemica x Bhanu of Sunshine Garden.
Bhanu has passed exams BH, OB1, OB2. His father is wonderfull Flammeus Lord Koenigsegg which lives in Norway. His grand-father is famous american dog Ferrari De La Lune.
Baileys is very successful show female. She is Czech champion and she passed Czech selection. She has passed ZOP, ZZO, ZZO1, ZM, BH, FPr1. Her mother is Ch. Maud Deabei and grand-mother P.P.E. KCh. Anne Oridix.
The mating was on 14th April and puppies will be born in the start of Summer. If you are interested in this litter, don´t hesitate and contact us.

2,5 months - last available DANDY

2 months - available males DENNY and DANDY

7th week

5th week

3rd week

1st week

Puppies was born !!!!

 of Sunshine Garden
 FERRARI de la Lune
 Flammeus CANDY MIX
v. Motodrom
 Cäsarborg´s Foxi ELDARION
 VOILA du Domaine de Turnago Villares
 Porta Bohemica
 DANDY de la Colline des Vagabonds 
 ATU Ketunpolun
 Domburg DRESSED TO IMPRESS at Talamo 
 ANEE Oridix